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Idea Havas Media is the media agency of Havas, one of the world’s leading communication groups.

In Baltics Idea Havas Media belongs to Idea Group - 15 multi-talented agencies that provide our clients with integrated creative, media, PR and digital solutions.




Working in partnership with our sister agencies we offer a full range of services:

  • strategic
  • media planning
    and buying
  • post-campaign
  • consumer
  • efficiency
  • econometric
  • digital



Havas invests heavily in tools and systems for effective support of marketing communication process. Idea Havas Media has top position among global media agencies for its strategic planning tools.

Havas Connect

Connect is our proprietary methodology to evaluate, measure and select the most suitable set of touchpoints to effectively achieve the brand objectives.

Havas Fission

Budget allocation across brands and markets according to business goals, considering current brand positioning, market share, media ROI and competitor activity.

Havas Spectrum

Professional tool for best media channel selection.


Econometric modelling platform for calculating real media return and optimizing future investments. Online access for our clients.

Havas Pressure

Optimal frequency determination for launch and maintenance campaigns.

Havas Phase

Adstock modelling tool

Planning tools

InfoSys - TV planner and optimizer, Galileo - print and multimedia planner, Supernova – radio planner, Gemius – internet planner

Analytic tools

AdFacts - ADEX and SOV online database, Atlas – consumer and brand research


Top edge digital planning, campaign management, reporting and analysis system



Borjomi, "Free from unnecessary"

Challenge: To gather 20K new page fans for Borjomi business page and to lead successful brand communication on social media.

Idea: Unique and fist time ever created ad solutions lead internet users to interactive online game on social media with very clear visualization of brand philosophy and its main message.

Results: 24K new page fans in three weeks, 25K unique players, 17M ad views. Extremely satisfied client decided to launch the same ad solution in other countries as well.

Starman, "STARbox"

Challenge: To improve Starman’s brand preference by 5% and among own customers by 10& by launching a new service Starman STARbox – video on demand, catch-up TV and recording

Idea: To give back to people the control over their TV and to let them choose what they watch and when they watch and including ads.

Results: Brand preference increased by 10% and by 14% among own customers. STARbox was sold out by the end of the campaign.

Red Bull, "Speed Avenue"

Challenge: To bring a crowd of 30 000 people and get huge media attention – to make Red Bull Speed Avenue as the most successful event ever… with minor media budget.

Idea: Pit stop teams, gas stadions, direct promotion to drivers on roads.

Results and awards: 226 editorials, 126 accreditations (53 journalist/photographs in the press conference, 116 in the event), more than 25 million of contacts. Catalyst Award

Snickers, "Activation"

Challenge: To achieve high visibility and very value driving message with limited budget.

Idea: To sell this car via all relevant car sales portals in Baltic.

Results and awards: User generated buzz exceeding all expectations with almost no budget. Catalyst Award

K-Rauta, "Prices down"

Challenge: To achieve high visibility and call to action with limited budget.

Idea: Mobile ad focusing on precalculated traffic routes to each particular shop.

Results and awards: Highest sales uplift. High conversion rates for used media mix. Catalyst Award

Taffel sales campaign

Challenge: Making Taffel relevant in the social sphere

Idea: New creative Taffel logo contest, social sharing.

Results and awards: 4500+ coupons used, 56 000+ active users, Taffel chips sold out in 3 weeks

Campaign for new hiking-trail of STATE FOREST MANAGEMENT CENTRE (short in Estonian-RMK)

Challenge: Inform and encourage people to visit hiking trail, raise awareness of RMK

Idea: In selection of channels we counted the results from Havas Media Connect study and mixed them with different traditional media and special solutions.

Results: After the campaign 2/3 of Estonians had heard about the campaign and more than 75% of respondents remembered the advertisement.

K-rauta, "Garden City"

Challenge: Cultivate brand image and increase selling numbers

Idea: We abandoned traditional media and created minigardens with flowers, tools and birdsong in the city and in shopping centres. The campaign was planned in same time as the biggest discount campaign in city „Hullud päevad“ („Crazy Days“) when the traffic in the center is very high.

Results: Small amount special exposition achieved 15% remembering among all Estonians, which shows that sometimes less is more. Sales numbers increased 75% comparing with the previous year in garden-tools category.

Laima rebranding

Challenge: Increase Laima market share with new packages and get new people to taste the chocolate

Idea: We used TV clips and high visibility high quality outdoor layouts to introduce new packages to audience. Online special solutions generated very high traffic on company website. Campaign was launched with 100gr Laima chocolate added to top womens magazine in Estonia – Anne & Stiil – with Laima advertisement on the back cover. Additionally Anne & Stiil had event for Estonian rich and famous with sweet help from Laima.

Results: Sales in choclate category was 26% higher comapred to last year, money speaking the increase was over 42%. Whole Laima choclate group sales rose 11% in volume and 25% in money.



Our team joins 50 media and communication specialists within Baltic - Strategy Managers, Key Account Managers, Digital Managers, Planners, Analysts...




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